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About Company

  • AlmaxPower

    We have supplied Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics with all kinds of the chemical agents essential for the surface treatment of aluminum in the manufacture of the smartphones.

  • Almax Technology

    We provide full tech supports in process of the surface treatment of aluminum (anodizing) as well as sell the chemical agents for all phases.

  • Almax Development

    In 2017, we were awarded for the exports of over $10 million to the foreign markets like Vietnam, China, Japan, India, etc.

  • Almax Network

    We are the official distributor in South Korea of the global chemical companies like Clariant (Switzerland) and Okuno (Japan).


Our Products

We, Almax, provide the goods and services with the topmost technology and the best quality.

  • 가전제품 표면처리

    Semi-Gloss Chemical Polishing Agent

    Dia Bright #806 This is a chemical which can help to make delicate and luxurious gloss on the aluminum exterior of TV, refrigerators, smart phones, etc.

  • 알류미늄 표면처리

    Chemical Sanding Agent

    Dia SD C liquid , D liquid This is a chemical which can realize the same effect on the aluminum surface through chemical deposition process as existing physical sanding does.

  • 니켈 표면처리

    Nickel-Elution Agent

    Dia PAT This is a chemical which helps to make the products safe from nickel allergy by eluting nickel from nickel-sealed products.

Almax Support

We will carefully listen to small voices as well as provide the best services in return.